الخميس، 31 مايو 2012

Massacre of workers of the Fertilisers Factory in Homs

Workers of the Fertilisers Factory in Homs fell victims to the new massacre of the Syrian regime’s forces on 31-05-2012:
The Syrian regime’s army forces in coordination with Shabeehas, pro-regime militias, affiliated to the regime’s security forces, abducted a bus specified for transporting the workers of the Azote Fertiliser Factory at 03:00 pm, a relative of one of the victims and a worker for the same factory has told us. Four people, who were seen in a taxi, lead the bus to a remote road in close coordination with the regime’s army checkpoints that allowed them to cross. They ordered the passengers to get off the bus, stole all their personal possessions and then executed them by live gunfire. Horribly, they deformed and mutilated their bodies after killing them, and this is hard evidence as to the extent of their criminal acts. Locals and relatives of the victims listed the names of the twelve victims:
1- Muhammad Tawfic Bakkar
2- Ibrahim Ismael Bakkar
3- Khalid Abdul Najib Barrow
4- Adnan Umar al-Yasin
5- Sulaim Abdul Qader Sattouf
6- Samir Muhammad Bakkar
7- Abdul Kafi Hasan Bakkar
8- Muhammad Abdou Al-Zari’ee
9- Mahir Ahmad al-Talib
10- Hamid Sa’dya
11- Muhammad Mahmoud Sattouf
12- Yahya Sabri Bouthan
Videos documenting the massacre:
Homs- al-Bwuaida al-Sharqya: victims of the massacre of the Fertilisers Factory.
Homs- al-Bwuaida al-Sharqya: victims of the massacre of the Fertilisers Factory.
Homs- al-Bwuaida Alsharqia: The Free Syrian Army recovered the bodies from the place of the massacre.
Horrifying scenes that show the marks of torture and deformation of the bodies:
The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) and Damascus Centre for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS) strongly condemn the horrible massacre inflicted on the people of al-Quseir before the eyes of the world. SNHR & DCHRS hold Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian head of the state and the commander in chief of the Syrian army, accountable for all acts of homicide, torture and massacres perpetrated in Syria as he holds the primary responsibility for issuing the orders for those acts. All members of the Syrian regime and heads of security and military apparatus are considered directly complicit in those acts as well.
SNHR & DCHRS demand the UN Security Council to sincerely undertake its responsibilities avoiding double standards. It calls on UNSC to refer all those responsible for crimes against humanity in Syria to the International Criminal Court without any further delay or procrastination.

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