الخميس، 5 سبتمبر 2013

الشهيدة فهمية المغربل - أم نزار

الشهيدة فهمية المغربل - أم نزار
مدينة حمص
أم وجدة لـ 16 شهيدا
05/09/2013 - العمر 95

استشهدت برصاص قناصي الأسد في مدينة حمص.

Imagine her life, she was among the first who were affected from the brutality of the regime. She paid all she had, she buried 16 of her sons and grandchildren inside the occupation of Homs. She helped the activists in their work, to document the crimes of Bashar Al Assad, although she was 95. She used to cook and send food to all combats including Bab Houd's. She earned and deserved the title "revolution's grandmother". I remembered once I had an interview with her in the martyr's graveyard, and she had just buried 4 martyrs died near Bab Houd, she told me " why don't God take me, do I have to see all my family die ? " Today we pronounce the news of her martyrdom in a betrayed bullet in the head lead to her death. Now she's gone , she is in a better place where she an be with her beloved to meet again but not in Homs, but in a better place in Heaven, in God's justice. Attached is the video of Fahmiyeh Al-Mogharbel, Em Nizar, moments before her martyrdom, to the highest Heaven

مقطع للشهيدة فهمية مغربل قبل استشهادها

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